VaxCare - A better way to vaccinate
Physicians, health departments, insurers and employers are all
discovering the most efficient and hassle-free way to improve
their preventive health care efforts.
Explore how you can start improving your immunization service
  • Order
    Order vaccine and supplies
    through our portal when you
    need them - at no cost.
    Protect your patients health
    by vaccinating them and
    your practice by using our
    patient registration platform.
    Collect ongoing payments
    and reports tracking the
    great work you and your
    staff have accomplished.
  • Plan
    Plan and develop compelling
    objectives supported by a
    comprehensive strategy, system, and program.
    Promote and build
    program participation and
    understanding through effective awareness
    and education.
    Protect kids and families
    health through effective
    program implementation.
  • Register
    Register your patients
    to receive ongoing
    health alerts.
    Alert your patients of
    vaccine availability and
    their need to be vaccinated
    through email, phone,
    or text messages.
    Increase your patients
    health, loyalty and
    continuity of care.
  • Plan
    Plan and set up
    clinic days for your
    staff that are
    convenient for them.
    Protect your employees so
    they no longer miss
    work for doctor's
    appointments to get
    their shot.
    Profit from the
    greater presence and
    productivity of your
    healthy employees.
Pediatricians &
Family Physicians
If your practice is looking to increase profitability, patient participation, and efficiency, we have a solution for you.
Public Health Departments
Explore our solutions that drive a fully-billable, accountable, and integrated vaccine program.
Insurers & Third-Party Administrators

Increase patient health and provider effectiveness in driving preventive health.

Employers & Benefits Managers
Improve employee health and reduce absenteeism by implementing our solutions.
A world without infectious disease.
Some call it a dream. We call it our vision statement.
We need your help in seeing this vision become reality.
VaxCare provides vaccination solutions for physicians, health systems,
health departments, employers and school systems. VaxCare delivers
tailored solutions that drive participation rates, eliminate risk and
financial burden, while improving efficiency and profitability.
Leveraging great partners with great solutions enables a great
vision to be achieved.
The VaxCare Formula
Partners (You!)
Vision Achieved