Our Culture
The Big Ideas
Our Culture is informed by—and the driving force behind—Our Vision, Our Team and Our Methods. It is the why behind our products and the source of our Big Ideas.
Our Motivation
We love three things: people, problems, and products. This is our motivation. Nobody cares what you have or know, until they know you care.
Specifically, we love our team, our customers, and our market partners. We see them as individuals, who have value, deserve our best and are critical to our success.
The world is full of them, but we are focused on those related to our vision. These problems are the starting point for all our products.
Our products are a result of our dreaming and building. We create them to solve the Problems felt by the People we love.
Our Vision
Every Person Fully Vaccinated

This is our company’s destination. Without it, we are a ship without a port of call. With it, we are explorers discovering new worlds.
What Does This Mean?

This means we build products to ensure that for every encounter the right vaccine gets to the right patient.
Who Benefits?

Simply put – Everyone. Patients, Providers, Medical Staff, Medical Practices, EMRs, Manufacturers, Payers, and the Government all benefit from us arriving at our destination.
Our Team
Our team is our most valuable asset and is the primary resource that fuels us to Our Destination. Key to building a team is attracting, developing and empowering individuals to seamlessly act as a single organism.
Typical Team Member
Our Method
Science wouldn’t be science without a method of discovery. Our Method is essential to arriving at Our Where.

We don’t have all the answers, so we apply ourselves to continually learning. This helps us deconstruct problems.

Combine what we’ve learned with a healthy dose of creative thinking to identify a solution to the problem. This is the basis for our product design.

Intentional, accountable collaboration produces great products.