No-Cost Vaccines:
How It Works

January 22, 2024

When you’re keeping an eye on your practice’s bottom line, the idea of never paying a vaccine manufacturer’s invoice again probably sounds very appealing. We understand a claim like this can sound too good to be true, but here’s the truth: VaxCare is the first company in the world to actually deliver no-cost vaccines. We’re serious.

VaxCare is a buy-and-bill platform designed to eliminate the complexity, manual workflow—and yes, cost—of vaccines while providing visibility into every step of the process.

“Working with VaxCare has been a game changer for us,” says Michael Middleton, MD, founder and owner of Middleton Pediatrics in Orlando, Florida. “Their elegant technology tracks our inventory, simplifies cash flow (which previously would fluctuate dramatically due to vaccine ordering), and provides a much greater level of insight into our vaccine program’s financial and compliance issues.”

Here’s what it looks like with VaxCare in your practice:


  • VaxCare purchases all of your vaccines. When we say you’ll never pay another vaccine manufacturer’s invoice again, we mean it. We buy up your existing inventory and do all of your vaccine purchasing going forward, providing you with unlimited inventory, without costing you a dime. That means you’ll never again have to pull out your own credit card to pay a vaccine invoice. And our platform returns tens of thousands of dollars in capital to your practice (not to mention peace of mind).
  • VaxCare replenishes your vaccine stock automatically. With VaxCare, you never have to worry about what’s in your fridge—or, just as importantly, what’s not. Our smart data tools help your vaccine manager keep track of everything that goes in and out, and automatically replenishes your vaccine supplies when you’re running low, at no cost to you.
  • VaxCare ensures you get paid for every qualifying administration. Tired of chasing reimbursements? VaxCare takes that off your hands, too. Our advanced eligibility service plugs up all the holes in your program, verifying each patient’s coverage and then billing your claims automatically for every shot you administer. Then VaxCare pays you directly for each and every qualifying dose, providing a reliable income stream for your practice.
  • VaxCare provides complete transparency for your vaccine program. Although you certainly can “set it and forget it” with VaxCare, we’ve designed our system to provide easy access and full visibility into every aspect of your vaccination program. Just log in any time to track a vaccine encounter from appointment to payment.

How we can make the no-cost promise

Now that we’ve shown how VaxCare takes on the costs, the risks, and pretty much everything else related to your vaccine program, let’s talk about how we’re able to deliver on our promise.

We’ve designed the program to be a healthy tradeoff: we take on all the financial risk, and retain a small percentage of margin on each dose. For most practices, it’s well worth it: removing barriers to vaccination can result in higher immunization rates, and a more profitable program.  “VaxCare has lowered my overhead costs of purchasing vaccines, lowered my burden on billing, and increased my workflow,” says pediatrician Nitin Gupta, MD, owner and CEO of Rivertowns Pediatrics in Dobbs Ferry, New York. “My practice would not be successful today if it wasn’t for VaxCare.”

Now’s the time for no-cost vaccines

Our fully integrated platform will completely transform how you manage your program, giving you more money for your practice, more time with your patients, and increased community immunization rates.

Reinvent your vaccine program.

VaxCare simplifies, optimizes, and elevates vaccination workflow for practices and staff—so you can get back to caring for your patients.

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January 22, 2024