The Hidden Benefits of Automatic Vaccine Eligibility and Charting

April 29, 2024

Automatic Vaccine Insurance Eligibility

Insurance verification through automatic vaccine eligibility is a game-changer for most practices. Not only streamlining the process but also freeing up valuable staff time, allowing them to manage other essential tasks and focus on providing the best care possible.

By automating insurance verification with VaxCare, the risk of human error is greatly reduced. Are your staff busy? Our check still happens automatically. Is the patient simply unaware that their insurance coverage has changed recently? We’ve got you covered. This helps prevent unnecessary delays in care and also helps create a smoother and more efficient experience for everyone involved in the vaccination process.

These automated checks can even assist practices in identifying patients who may be under-insured or completely uninsured. By recognizing these individuals, the practice can then decide how to further assist the patient; significantly enhancing public health outcomes by ensuring a larger portion of the population receives the necessary vaccination protection.

Adding this automatic verification for vaccine eligibility is a win-win scenario for staff and patients. The time saved and increased accuracy benefit staff immensely, while patients experience a more streamlined and efficient vaccination process.

Automatic Vaccine Insurance Eligibility Benefits for Staff

  • Time Savings
    Manually verifying vaccine insurance information can be time-consuming and prone to errors. With an automated tool, staff members can save time by eliminating the need for manual data entry and verification, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Increased Accuracy
    Human error is inevitable with manual data entry and verification processes. By automating insurance checks, you can significantly reduce the risk of errors and ensure that patients receive accurate information about their coverage and eligibility for vaccinations.
  • Streamlined Workflow
    Automating insurance verification streamlines the administrative process, reducing the burden on staff members who would otherwise have to manually confirm insurance eligibility for each patient. This can lead to increased productivity and less frustration among staff.
  • Real-time Coverage
    Automated insurance verification tools can provide real-time updates on patients’ insurance status and coverage, allowing staff members to make informed decisions about vaccine administration without delays or uncertainties.

A nurse uses the VaxCare Mobile Hub to scan a dose for automatic vaccine eligibility.

Saving Time with Automatic Vaccine Eligibility

By utilizing these automated insurance eligibility checks, staff members can save time and reduce the opportunity for errors.

With VaxCare taking care of the tedious and repetitive work of verifying insurance information, practices and staff are empowered to shift their focus back to the patient. And because these checks happen in real time, staff members are always working with the most up-to-date information. This eliminates the risk of relying on outdated coverage, creating another opportunity to save time and practice confidently.

By embracing this technology, organizations can improve their processes, achieve better results, and ultimately deliver greater value to their customers.

We’ve been using VaxCare for 9 years and love it! They do what they do best, so we can do what we do best.

Michael Middleton, MD
Owner, Middleton Pediatrics

Improved Accuracy & Workflow with Automatic Vaccine Eligibility

When manual data entry is involved, there is always a possibility of mistyping or misplacing important information. Even a small error can result in delays or denials of insurance coverage, which can disrupt healthcare services and negatively impact patient care. 

Automating insurance checks reduces the need for human intervention, minimizing the chances of such errors occurring.

VaxCare’s technology quickly and accurately verifies insurance coverage—accessing and analyzing data from multiple sources, ensuring up-to-date and accurate information. With automation, healthcare providers can easily identify patients’ eligibility for vaccinations, ensuring that vaccines are administered to those who are covered. This reduces the risk of unnecessary costs incurred by both patients and providers and enhances overall practice efficiency.

With VaxCare you’ll always have clear confirmation of your patient’s vaccine coverage at the point of care, so you can consult your patients with confidence—even those with limited coverage. 

Eligibility is run for each appointment and appears alongside the information about that patient and appointment, highlighting which vaccines are covered by their insurance. Any vaccines not covered will be clearly indicated so that you can have a proper consultation before administration.

Real-Time Coverage

Ensuring that coverage is being run in real-time is critical to enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about vaccine administration without spending time either manually verifying coverage or simply hoping that the information on file is up-to-date and accurate.

Real-time coverage information also provides staff with the opportunity to identify any limitations or restrictions on vaccine coverage. By having access to this data in real time, providers are able to continue to provide care while minimizing potential billing complications or denied claims.

Additional Benefits for Patients

Automated insurance checks greatly enhance the patient experience by providing them with clear and accurate information about their insurance coverage and any out-of-pocket costs associated with vaccinations.

This level of transparency eliminates the need for lengthy phone calls is crucial in allowing patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare and understand their financial responsibilities. This saves them time and frustration while ensuring they have the most up-to-date information available.

Automatic Vaccine Charting

You give the shot—we handle the rest.

  • We take over your vaccine purchasing, providing unlimited inventory at no cost and automatically replenishing your stock when the supply gets low. Lost or expired doses? We’ll replace those for free.
  • We automate your workflow and coding, eliminating manual tasks and reducing costly errors.
  • Our platform ensures you’re paid for every qualifying dose while offering you the complete visibility you need to keep your vaccine program profitable.

VaxCare’s end-to-end vaccine solution removes the financial and operational burdens of the typical ‘buy and bill’ model. Providing practices with vaccines at no upfront cost, our automated platform reduces coding and billing errors, drastically altering the calculus for your vaccine management. The result is an immunization program with greater profitability, visibility, and better patient outcomes.

Point of Care
Patient Safety
Insurance &
Dose Tracking

EHRs offer incredible value for primary care practices. While not purpose-built for vaccines, they still provide efficient patient data management, and quick access to comprehensive medical histories, diagnoses, and treatment plans. This accessibility improves diagnostic accuracy and treatment decisions.

The ideal option for many vaccinating practices lies in integrating a dedicated vaccine management solution with their existing EHR—with the vaccine platform focusing on efficient vaccine inventory control, ordering, and administration, and the EHR enhancing overall patient care and promoting greater practice efficiency.

Automatically recording encounter information to your EHR transforms the way patient information is documented and promotes better coordination and collaboration among healthcare professionals.

Automatic Charting with 2D Barcodes

The addition of 2D barcodes to vaccines means that they can be rapidly and accurately scanned, allowing for the automatic population of essential vaccine information into electronic health records and immunization information systems. With VaxCare, the use of these barcodes ensures a seamless flow of data, improving efficiency, accuracy, and public health outcomes.

Adding automatic vaccine charting into your practice not only enhances accuracy but also increases efficiency. By leveraging technology to streamline the process of tracking vaccinations, you can provide better outcomes for both staff and patients while delivering exceptional care.

Automatic Vaccine Charting Benefits for Staff

  • Time Savings
    Automating the charting process eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving valuable time for healthcare staff. Instead of inputting vaccination information into the EHR manually, the tool can automatically populate patient records with accurate data, allowing staff to focus on other essential tasks.
  • Enhanced Accuracy
    Automated charting helps minimize the risk of transcription errors and ensures consistency in data entry. By eliminating the potential for human error, the tool promotes accuracy in vaccine documentation, providing reliable information for clinical decision-making and patient care.
  • Streamlined Workflow
    By automating the charting process, healthcare staff can streamline their workflow and reduce administrative burdens. This allows them to devote more time and attention to direct patient care, leading to improved efficiency and satisfaction among both staff and patients.

Saving Time with Automatic Charting

Eliminating the need for manual data entry represents a transformative change for vaccinating practices. Automatic charting takes care of populating the records with accurate data, eliminating the need for healthcare professionals to spend time on non-clinical capture of vaccination details into patient records. 

The time saved by automating the charting process is significant, especially in settings where there’s a high volume of vaccination records—such as in pediatric practices. This allows staff to manage their time more effectively and pay more attention to patient care. 

Improved Accuracy & Workflow of Automatic Charting

Automated charting is a valuable feature for any practice with an EHR, significantly increasing the accuracy of data entry processes. For vaccine documentation, it plays a crucial role in minimizing the risk of transcription errors and ensuring consistency in data entry. 

Human data entry can be influenced by various factors such as fatigue, distractions, or simple differences in interpretation. Ensuring the correct vaccination details are recorded by eliminating the potential for human error, VaxCare’s automatic charting for vaccinations greatly simplifies the non-clinical workflow for primary care practices.

By enabling accurate and timely vaccination documentation, these systems additionally contribute to improved patient outcomes.

VaxCare both automates insurance verification prior to vaccination and the encounter capture afterward. By streamlining the process and freeing up valuable staff time, practices can focus on providing the best care possible to their patients. The reduction in human error ensures that even during busy periods or when patients are unaware of recent insurance changes, the verification process remains seamless and efficient, minimizing delays in care.

A single scan automates the verification process—helping your practice identify patients who may be under-insured or uninsured—and records encounter information back to your EHR. A win-win, increasing efficiency for your staff and providing patients with a smoother and more streamlined vaccination experience.


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April 29, 2024