Vaccination Clinic Pre-Registration: Time Saver or Time Sink?

February 24, 2021

Many practices worry that pre-registering patients for a vaccination clinic is a waste of valuable staff time and effort that in the end won’t add value to their clinic. But as we’ve learned, it’s a very worthwhile investment. Pre-registration adds ease and efficiency to vaccination clinics in four key ways, allowing you to:

1. Ensure a Steady Stream of Patients

Pre-registration allows you to book patients at specific time slots throughout the day, creating a more predictable workload for staff and avoiding unpredictable ebbs and flows of traffic, and the ensuing back ups and bottlenecks—all of which create stress for both staff and patients. By slowing down the appointments at the end of the day, you can slowly wind down your clinic, with time for cleanup as you administer the last shots, and cuts down on the chances of the dreaded end-of-day patient rush. We’ve also heard from some practices that booking patients into specific slots results in a lower no-show rate.

2. Screen for Eligibility and Contraindications

Pre-registration gives your team the opportunity to screen patients for insurance eligibility, contraindications, comorbidities, and allergies before they travel to the site. All of which save time and frustration. Fewer irritated patients and staff make for a smoother clinic experience.

3. Set Expectations in Advance

While you may be expert in clinic operations, your patients may need a few reminders on what to wear, how to prepare, and what to expect when they arrive. Pre-registration gives you another opportunity to communicate with your patient population, setting up both them, and your staff, for success.

4. Plan Ahead for Supplies & Staff

Lastly, pre-registration helps your team plan in advance when it comes to vaccine quantity, medical supplies, and staffing. Having a good idea of the day’s schedule also allows better planning of the number of staff, and scheduling breaks for that staff. You’ll also end up with fewer leftover supplies that go unused and won’t be scrambling if a large group of unexpected patients shows up.

Pre-registration does take upfront work, but it helps to make your team feel prepared and to ensure patient attendance. The extra level of preparation may not be immediately quantifiable, but you will definitely feel the difference!

Vaccination Clinic Tips for Practices of All Sizes

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February 24, 2021