Video: VaxCare Case Study by Android Enterprise

September 14, 2021

Watch Android Enterprise’s video case study on VaxCare below:

We built our VaxCare hardware and software from the ground up. But it never would have been possible without a backend partner to support our devices’ many core functions—from HITRUST certification to zero-touch enrollment, automatic updates, and more. That partner was Android Enterprise. (You can read more about our partnership on Android’s blog post from earlier this year.)

No one had ever built an in-practice device that brings the entire vaccine ecosystem into one intelligent touchpoint. But when we asked Android to support our first dedicated hardware, the new VaxCare Hub, they helped us create a true flagship device.

No one had ever created a handheld device that takes the vaccine program outside the practice walls to schools, parking lots, and other community spaces—let alone in a matter of months. But when we asked Android to support our mobile solution, the VaxCare Mobile Hub, the results exceeded all expectations.

It was only through our collaboration with the Android Enterprise team (and our manufacturing partner Social Mobile) that we could make these dreams into reality. So of course, when Android asked if they could document our partnership in a video, we said YES.

The results speak for themselves, highlighting our partnership with Android Enterprise and celebrating the hard work of physicians like Dr. Karen Smith of Raeford, NC, who has been using VaxCare to great effect in her community. And there’s lots more to come—stay tuned!


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September 14, 2021