Simplify Your Vaccine Management Workflow
The efficient and cost-free solution to your vaccination program.

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The vaccines you need – no upfront cost.

VaxCare buys your current inventory and provides vaccines direct from the manufacturers at no cost.
Always know where your inventory is.

VaxCare’s real-time inventory tools provide on-demand visibility, tracking and automatic ordering.
Collect higher and faster with less work.

VaxCare’s technology bills automatically, eliminating lost doses and misfiled claims.
Share in the benefits of our network.

VaxCare offers access to the expertise and resources of our network, increasing practice efficiency.
Our technology is built to manage every aspect of vaccinations—start to finish.
From complete inventory visibility and automated replenishment to daily immunization highlights, we make it easy for providers to get back to doing what they do best.
Inventory Management
Revenue Cycle Management
From independent physicians to health systems and public health departments, VaxCare’s hardware and software solutions serve every kind of provider in the U.S.