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April 1, 2024

At VaxCare, we’re dedicated to making vaccinations simple and accessible for both providers and patients by solving the common (and uncommon!) problems today’s healthcare practices are facing.

Curious how VaxCare can transform vaccinations for your practice? You’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find reviews from some of the 5,000+ providers we’ve partnered with, offering a glimpse into the impact VaxCare has on the day-to-day operations within their practice.


[VaxCare] helps a lot with inventory and vaccine management, I highly recommend it.

Santiago S.
Systems Technician
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A doctor stands in front of an open refrigerator full of vaccines provided by VaxCare.

What could be better than having no overhead, a constant supply of vaccines, and good reimbursement?

Dr. Steven A. Shapiro
Pediatric Medical Associates
Full Case Study: Pediatric Medical Associates: Increasing Vaccine Profits While Improving Care


We never have to worry about turning someone away and sending them to their neighborhood pharmacy. We always have exactly what we need on hand.

Doris Pitts
Medical Assistant Supervisor
Greenhouse Internists

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A nurse uses the VaxCare Hub to automatically record the details of a vaccination.

We’ve got seven providers with patients rolling through every 20 minutes. I love that VaxCare does all the work for you.

Sarah Tasman
Practice Manager
Memorial Primary Care

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VaxCare’s automation cuts the steps needed for data entry in half, which allows our staff to focus on other tasks.

Eric Misthal
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Planner
Chester County Health Department
Full Case Study: Chester County Flu Clinics: Streamlining Processes and Reducing Errors


A nurse uses the VaxCare Hub to automatically record the details of a vaccination.

VaxCare is so easy to use and intuitive—and I’m not technical at all!

Gretchen Spino, RN
Nurse Supervisor
Chester County Health Department
Full Case Study: How Chester County Streamlined Their COVID-19 Vaccinations with VaxCare



Other VaxCare Reviews

It is super easy to use and is phenomenal in maintaining inventory, tracking discrepancies and makes the overall management of vaccines so easy.

Deirdre C.
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VaxCare has freed up our money so we don’t have to purchase vaccines for thousands of dollars yearly and we are tracking the vaccines so much easier now.

Kim W.
Office Manager
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The product is easy to use. We like how it migrates patient info/ins to our EMR program. The weekly/monthly vaccine counts helps keep us on track inputting all vaccines given during our busy times.

Susan P.
Office Manager
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April 1, 2024