Comprehensive Guide to Automating Your Vaccine Business Operations

May 13, 2024

Why Non-Clinical Vaccine Automation is Important

Automating vaccine business operations while successfully administering vaccines can transform your practice’s role in maintaining public health and safeguarding individual well-being. However, behind the scenes of every effective vaccination program lies a multitude of non-clinical tasks that are equally crucial yet often labor-intensive and time-consuming. From managing inventory and ordering vaccines to verifying patient eligibility and handling billing processes, these administrative responsibilities can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of vaccine programs.

VaxCare’s ability to automate these non-clinical tasks represents a transformative solution for primary care practices seeking to streamline their vaccine programs and enhance overall operational efficiency. Through technological innovation as well as specialized hardware and software solutions, VaxCare alleviates the administrative burdens commonly associated with operating a successful vaccine program.  This enables practices of all sizes to invest more of their time and attention on patient care and less on manual responsibilities.

This article explores the importance and benefits of automating the business operations required to run a successful primary care vaccine program. From improving workflow efficiency and reducing errors to optimizing resource allocation and enhancing patient satisfaction, automation offers a myriad of benefits for healthcare providers and patients alike. Join us as we delve into the transformative power of automation and discover how primary care practices can leverage VaxCare’s vaccine management solution to achieve better outcomes for their patients and their practice.

Automating Non-Clinical Vaccination Tasks

VaxCare’s vaccine management solution removes the financial and operational burdens found in most primary care vaccine programs. By providing vaccines at no upfront cost, purpose-built hardware to make management simple and effective, and taking care of claims reimbursement, VaxCare has a bird’s-eye view of every dose ordered, through administration and compensation.

That end-to-end visibility enables VaxCare to focus completely on creating a streamlined and fully automated platform—drastically reducing the need for manual intervention and enabling vaccine programs with greater profitability, simplified workflows, and better patient outcomes.
The VaxCare Hub with two VaxCare Mobile Hubs in their charging bases.
You give the shot—we handle the rest:

  • Automatic Vaccine Ordering & Inventory Management
    VaxCare handles all of your vaccine purchasing, providing unlimited inventory at no cost and automatically replenishing your stock when the supply gets low. Lost or expired doses? We replace those for free.
  • Automatic Vaccine Eligibility & Charting
    We automate your workflow and coding, eliminating manual tasks and reducing the chance for costly errors to occur.
  • Automatic Vaccine Billing & Denial Management
    Our platform ensures you’re paid for every qualifying dose, as well as the time, space, and information you need to keep your vaccine program profitable.

By automating these non-clinical tasks and providing practices with hardware, software, and a dedicated customer care team, VaxCare lowers the administrative investment necessary to run a successful vaccine program. This enables all types of practices, from the privately owned to the largest systems, to invest more of their time and attention on what matters most, patient care.

Automatic Vaccine Ordering

The complexities of vaccine management aren’t found in isolated tasks such as ordering vaccines or counting your inventory.  Those are straightforward, often simple tasks. The real trick is in performing those tasks quickly enough to avoid wasting time, and accurately enough to avoid coming up short (or finding your fridge full at the end of the season).

A nurse loads the no-cost vaccines provided by VaxCare into the practice's vaccine refrigerator.Accurate vaccine ordering is essential for maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of vaccination programs. It ensures your practice has an adequate supply on hand, helps prevent vaccine wastage, and allows you to better anticipate and react to fluctuations in demand. And with VaxCare, you never have to worry about what’s in your fridge. Our comprehensive vaccine management solution is designed to address and simplify every aspect of your vaccine program, helping your vaccine manager keep track of every dose that goes in or out, while automatically replenishing your vaccines to ensure a reliable on-hand supply.

Automatic vaccine ordering begins with VaxCare purchasing your vaccines, returning tens of thousands of dollars in capital to the average practice. We buy up your existing inventory and handle all your vaccine purchasing going forward, providing you with the inventory you need without costing you a dime. And when your inventory gets low, our platform ensures that your vaccines are replenished automatically, keeping your vaccine fridge stocked with a 3–4 week supply at all times. Additionally, suggested order quantities can also be generated for flu pre-book orders, based on historical usage and current demand, further reducing the time spent on seasonal decision-making.

Need even more control? Placing a special order for a vaccination event is easy with VaxCare’s Portal—the web-based companion to the VaxCare Hub.

A nurse uses the VaxCare Hub to verify the accuracy of their automatic vaccine management.Automatic Vaccine Inventory Management

Even for a single clinic location, the real-time monitoring of inventory built into VaxCare’s vaccine management solution offers substantial benefits. Real-time monitoring contributes to the overall streamlined workflow VaxCare enables, making each clinic more responsive, efficient, and adaptable while preventing runouts, and minimizing expiration risks.

VaxCare’s automated systems constantly monitor vaccine stock levels, providing real-time visibility into the status of your inventory and enabling your staff members to spend dramatically less time manually counting and tracking inventory.

Vaccine Management Made Easy

  • Automatic Shipments: Never run low again. We take care of reorder thresholds for seamless continuity of care.
  • Real-time Inventory: A clear, up-to-date picture of your vaccine stock, minimizes time spent on physical checks.
  • Effortless Returns: Expired or unused doses? No problem. We handle the return process, saving you time and money.

Our integrated platform is designed to simplify the process for you. By streamlining vaccine management, we can help you save time and money, while still allowing you to provide the best care possible to your patients. 

Automatic Vaccine Insurance Eligibility

When manual data entry is involved, there is always a possibility of mistyping or misplacing important information. Even a small error can result in delays or denials of insurance coverage, which can disrupt healthcare services and negatively impact patient care. Automated insurance verification not only streamlines the vaccine eligibility process but also frees up valuable staff time, allowing them to manage other essential tasks and focus on providing the best care possible. 

VaxCare’s technology quickly and accurately verifies insurance coverage—accessing and analyzing data from multiple sources, ensuring up-to-date and accurate information. By automating insurance verification with VaxCare, the risk of human error is greatly reduced. This helps prevent unnecessary delays in care and creates a smoother and more efficient experience for staff and patients.

Automatic Vaccine Eligibility
VaxCare handles the tedious and repetitive work of verifying insurance information, and because these checks happen in real-time, staff always have the most up-to-date information. This eliminates the risk of relying on outdated coverage, creating another opportunity to save time and practice confidently.

Because eligibility is run for each appointment and appears alongside the information about that patient and appointment, you’ll always have clear confirmation of your patient’s vaccine coverage at the point of care, so you can consult your patients with confidence. Any vaccines not covered will be indicated so a consultation may happen prior to administration.

Real-Time Coverage
Ensuring that coverage is being automatically run at the time of care enables healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about vaccine administration without manually verifying coverage or simply hoping that the information on file is up-to-date and accurate.

This also provides staff with the opportunity to identify any limitations or restrictions on vaccine coverage as any vaccines which are not covered will be clearly indicated. This ensures that a proper consultation can happen prior to administration, minimizing billing complications and the potential for denied claims.

Automatic Vaccine Charting

EHRs enable efficient patient data management, and quick access to comprehensive medical histories, diagnoses, and treatment plans. This accessibility improves diagnostic accuracy and treatment decisions.

Logos of the popular EHRs Allscripts, athenahealth, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, eMDs, Epic, and Greenway Health.Integrating VaxCare’s dedicated vaccine management solution with your existing EHR, relevant information from vaccine administrations can be recorded with a single scan, enhancing overall patient care, promoting greater practice efficiency, and transforming the way patient information is documented.

Adding automatic vaccine charting into your practice not only enhances accuracy but also increases efficiency. By leveraging technology to streamline the process of tracking vaccinations, you can provide better outcomes for both staff and patients while delivering exceptional care.

Saving Time with Automatic Charting

Eliminating the need for manual data entry represents a huge time savings for vaccinating practices. Automatic charting takes care of populating the records with accurate data, eliminating the need for healthcare professionals to spend time on non-clinical tasks such as capturing vaccination details for patient records. 

The time saved by automating the charting process is especially significant in settings where there’s a high volume of vaccination records—such as in pediatric practices. This allows staff to manage their time more effectively and pay more attention to patient care. 

Improved Accuracy with Automatic Charting

For vaccine documentation, the automatic charting enabled by VaxCare also plays a crucial role in minimizing the risk of transcription errors and ensuring consistency in data entry, ensuring the correct vaccination details are recorded with a single scan. 

Automatic Vaccine Billing

From the moment an order is placed to the completion of the billing process, VaxCare ensures that every step of the vaccine administration journey is carefully tracked and easy to reference. Because the entire claims process is automated, providers can depend on quick reimbursement for their vaccine services. This eliminates the frustration and delays often associated with traditional billing processes and removes the need to chase down payments or write off losses.

VaxCare’s automatic vaccine billing ensures that every administered dose is accurately billed, maximizing the practice’s revenue potential. Having complete confidence in the billing process and knowing that no doses are slipping through the cracks empowers providers to optimize their financial performance without losing focus on patient care.

  • Guaranteed Payment
    With VaxCare’s guaranteed payment system, you’ll receive compensation for each qualifying dose that you administer—even if we don’t get paid. Whether it’s billing and collections or processing and adjudicating claims, we have streamlined the payment process to provide you with peace of mind and financial security.
  • Streamlined Billing Process
    VaxCare’s automated billing ensures all the necessary information regarding shot administration is collected with a single scan of the vaccine, eliminating the risk of errors that can lead to claim denials or delays in reimbursement. Additionally, real-time validation of insurance coverage and eligibility allows staff to immediately determine the coverage and any financial responsibilities the patient may have.

By signing up and allowing VaxCare to handle the financial aspects of the vaccination process, claims submission and reimbursements are greatly accelerated, ensuring faster payment turnaround times. The accelerated revenue cycle directly impacts the practice’s cash flow, making it financially stable by ensuring a consistent and reliable revenue stream. 

Automatic Vaccine Denial Management

Regardless of the technology at your disposal or your staff’s attentiveness—denial management is an unavoidable part of the billing process. From the moment an order is placed to the completion of the billing process, VaxCare ensures that every step of the vaccine administration journey is carefully tracked. 

With our denial management expertise, you can trust VaxCare to ensure that your vaccination reimbursements continue to be timely, with your payment guaranteed for qualifying doses, regardless of the outcome of the claim. Our advanced algorithms can identify common denial patterns and uncover key issues that may be causing denials, allowing our staff to take proactive measures to prevent future claim rejections.

Partnering with VaxCare to automate your practice’s denial management enables our staff to efficiently monitor the status of your vaccine claims and seamlessly coordinate with insurance companies. This will save valuable time for your staff and ensure timely resolution of claim disputes. With VaxCare’s help, healthcare providers can be sure that every single dose is accounted for from start to finish. 

Automating the non-clinical tasks of a successful vaccine program is not just a matter of convenience; it’s strategically important for primary care practices looking to survive the increasing demands placed on the time of their employees. By embracing automation, practices can improve workflow efficiency, enhance patient safety, reduce administrative burdens, and fosters a positive vaccination environment amongst staff.

Automation isn’t about replacing human involvement in vaccine administration; it’s about empowering practitioners and encouraging them to focus their time and energy where it matters most: delivering high-quality care to their patients. By harnessing the power of VaxCare’s technology to streamline non-clinical tasks, primary care practices can elevate their vaccine programs and eliminate the financial and operational burdens facing their practices.


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May 13, 2024