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Did you know?
When given the option, women overwhelmingly prefer IUDs and implants as their contraception of choice. Yet timely access to IUDs and implants remains out of reach for patients and practices alike.

VaxCare is here to help…


No-Cost Inventory
We stock your offices with complimentary IUDs, implants, and DMPA.
Real-Time Eligibility
No prior authorization needed. We make reviewing patient coverage easy and instant.
No Billing Risk
We bill all qualifying in-network payers and provide clear eligibility so you can confidently bill the procedure.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

Our practice often struggles to provide LARC [contraceptive implants and IUDs] due to insurance hurdles and delays from specialty pharmacies. VaxCare’s solution is a game-changer, virtually removing these issues."

Joanne Fruth, MD

Family Physician

North Carolina

Our Features

Immediate impact at no-cost and without risk.

Go it Alone
With VaxCare

No Capital Investment

Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Check

Complete Contraceptive Choice

Same-Day Access

No Abandoned Products

No Risk to Sign-Up


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