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PBG or GPO?: What You Need to Know

Your vaccine inventory can add up to a major expense—Learn more about how you can rein in your budget (don't forget to study your options carefully and read the fine print).

Why Flu Season 2021–2022 Is Different

As you turn your attention to more routine events—like preparing for flu season—learn about why 2021 is shaping up to be even more challenging than usual.

Vaccination Clinic Pre-Registration: Time Saver or Time Sink?

Learn about the four key ways pre-registering patients for your vaccination clinic can add value to the event for your staff and your patients.

Building a Dream Team: Staffing Your Vaccination Clinic

Your staff is the most important element in the success of your vaccine clinic; this list can help in organizing based toward your individual clinic and other factors unique to your location.

Go With The Flow: Setting Up Vaccine Clinic Stations

Learn how you can improve the efficiency of your vaccination clinics by breaking the work up into smaller tasks; based on tips from some of the most successful flu clinics we've seen.

The 4 Things Your Practice Needs for Better Vaccine Inventory Management

Your vaccine program can be both a public service to your patients and you community, and a much-needed revenue stream for your practice.