Our New Mobile Hub: Delivering Vaccinations in a Pandemic

Cancelled well visits, delayed screenings, skipped vaccinations—the pandemic caused many patients to stay home instead of visiting their primary care practices for important but non-acute care visits. The long-term impact of missed preventive care appointments is yet to be seen, but in the short term it’s put a huge strain on many practices’ already precarious … Continued

Our Medical Directors: COVID-19 Vaccinated

Many of VaxCare’s Medical Directors have received the COVID-19 vaccine, and we couldn’t be more proud. Karen Smith, MD (North Carolina) Evan Saulino, MD (Oregon) Chuck Thornbury, MD (Kentucky) Robert A. Lee, MD (Iowa) Michelle Walsh, MD (Nebraska) Wanda Filer, MD (Pennsylvania) Glen Madrid, MD (Colorado) Arnie Pallay, MD (New Jersey) Kimberly Becher, MD (West … Continued

No-Cost Vaccines:
How It Works

When you’re keeping an eye on your practice’s bottom line, the idea of never paying a vaccine manufacturer’s invoice again probably sounds very appealing. We understand a claim like this can sound too good to be true, but here’s the truth: VaxCare is the first company in the world to actually deliver no-cost vaccines. We’re … Continued

Let’s Bring Vaccinations Back to Primary Care

As the U.S. healthcare system continues to struggle to find a way to be both accessible and sustainable, primary care practices are, as usual, feeling the pain acutely. Adequate payment continues to be a challenge. And now, a global pandemic threatens our very existence. As the kids say, it’s A LOT. But in thinking of … Continued